The Brown Sugar Collab is a curated shopping experience that offers unique and high-quality natural products that are handcrafted by over 20 BIPOC women suppliers. Within our boutique, you will find a unique range of ethical and sustainable items for your home, bath & body, hair and skincare. The Brown Sugar Collab appeals to the sophisticated shopper who values purchasing more natural and eco-friendly alternatives to mainstream products often found in traditional retail stores.  We are committed to supporting women from underrepresented communities, and are intentional about purchasing from ethnically diverse women suppliers. When you make a purchase with us, you are supporting our small business, while simultaneously promoting diversity and inclusivity. We invite you to discover the exceptional products within our marketplace and explore a wide array of BIPOC Women-Owned brands.  Whether shopping with us in person, or online, we look forward to serving you as we introduce you to these amazing brands. 

Happy Shopping,
Thanks for Shopping by DeAnna Allen



Although the products here at the Brown Sugar Collab are made by women of color and more specifically black women, the products are for everyone! We look to support any and all groups of marginalized people!