The BSC Owner and Her Innate Fempreneur Spirit

Originally a native of Columbus, Ohio, The Brown Sugar Collab Owner, DeAnna D. Allen has been a long-time resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. Allen is a mom, an author and a creative entrepreneur, with business running through her blood. Her entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age. As a school girl, she would sell gifts to her friends in the neighborhood from her front porch. Pot holders, bookmarks, you name it. 

Allen is the founder and originator of the former Vertical Tease Fitness Boutique in the Southend. In 2020 she opened The Brown Sugar Collab, a unique boutique featuring products and artwork by up and coming minority creators. She is also the author of There’s A Monster In My House and When Grandpa Lost His Smile, two titles in the genre of Children's Emotions Books that tackle tough subjects such as abuse and divorce. Allen is big on advocacy for children, minorities and women and loves giving back to the community.

Brown Sugar Collab Owner DeAnna Allen with Ryan Baker of The Nail Doctor CLT

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Allen's daughter, Ryan "Haparenee" Baker, Owner of The Nail Doctor  is also a successful fempreneur in the Charlotte area. It truly runs through the bloodline.

Thanks for supporting The Brown Sugar Collab. Help this entrepreneur mentor and support others! We are all in this together!

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